Americans Are Buying This Road Survival Tool By The Thousands To Feel "Safer In Their Own Cars"


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With car crashes on the rise one company aims to keep you safe

Do you ever drive by a horrific car accident and think, "wow that could’ve been me"? Truth be told, most people underestimate how likely it is to be involved in a serious car crash and how important it is to have the proper safety tool to help you escape your vehicle in seconds. Over the last two years, car accident deaths have been on the rise and car safety experts are strongly urging drivers to be better prepared.

Ask any police officer, fireman, military man or survivalist - and all of them will explain to you how critical it is for all drivers to have the right road survival tool in their cars at all times. Imagine for a second if your car ended up submerged in a river or a lake - how would you break the window to get out when the water pressure won’t allow you to open your door? Or if your car caught on fire after a wreck and your seat belt was jammed - how would you cut away your belt quickly to escape the fire and smoke?

Sadly, these types of emergencies happen, and the better prepared you are with the right tools the more likely you are to survive. Experts have urged drivers to carry window breakers and seat belt cutters for years, but most drivers usually keep these tools in their glove box or trunk, far out of reach when they actually need them.

What Smart American Drivers Do To Stay Safe

Fortunately, one company called CrashSafe has come up with a way to combine 6 tactical features into one premium survival tool that’s always within arms reach in any emergency.

crashsafe device

CrashSafe is a 6-in-1 road survival tool that plugs directly into your car’s cigarette lighter port making it easily accessible. It’s got a patent-pending pin hidden in the tip of the cigarette lighter plug that allows you to smash a car window with one strike. It’s also got a hidden blade on the side of the device that will let you slice away seat belts in seconds.

If that’s not enough, it also has a 2 mode Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight for nighttime emergencies and a built-in Red Emergency Beacon that allows you to warn other drivers so they can avoid hitting you. Finally, it’s a car charger that ensures your mobile device is always powered up if you need to call for help, and a 2200mAh portable power bank that you can toss in your pocket or purse to charge your phone on the go.

With 6 impressive features packed into a small device that plugs directly into your car, no other road survival tool even comes close. No wonder CrashSafe is selling out fast!

In fact, this small but powerful device had one firefighter saying "It’s the #1 tool every driver should own as it could mean the difference between life or death in an emergency."

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Here are some images with our CrashSafe device:

crashsafe device

CrashSafe fits in the palm of your hand

crashsafe device

Here is the patent-pending window breaker

crashsafe device

The 2-mode flashlight is BRIGHT

crashsafe device

Flashing red emergency flare

crashsafe device

Charge your phone in your car or on the go

crashsafe device

Discreet seat belt cutter

We’d like to warn you though, massive orders are being placed by drivers across the country so CrashSafe had to open up a second warehouse to keep up with demand. We recommend ordering yours today, before they run out of stock.

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It is worth noting - CrashSafe has an incredible deal going on right now. Because they want all drivers to have one in each of their cars, they are offering an incredible discount if you get more than one.

We loved it so much, everyone on our staff got one for themselves and their close family and friends.

So hurry up and get yours before it’s too late.